Debco Plant Food - All Purpose


Debco Plant Food –All Purpose

Debco Plant Food - All Purpose is a complete, balanced fast acting feed for use on all plants that are grown in the ground, in pots or indoors. Because Debco Plant Food All Purpose is applied in liquid form, nutrients are quickly absorbed by the roots and leaves ensuring rapid results. Debco Plant Food - All Purpose is also suitable for shrubs, trees, lawns and fruit & vegetables.

Debco Plant Food contains
Nitrogen to give plants an early boost and maintain strong, healthy foliage.
The optimum phosphate level to develop vigorous roots.
Potash for more flowers and healthier plants.
All essential nutrients.
Easy to apply by watering can, Debco Plant Food is your all-purpose liquid fertiliser

When to use Debco Plant Food
Debco Plant Food is suitable for virtually everything in the garden and pots, house plants, containers and hanging baskets. Use all year round.

Directions for use
Measure the Plant Food as directed with spoon provided.
Plant Food should be dissolved in water before applying.
Apply the Plant Food around the base of each plant as far as the foliage reaches, soaking the soil thoroughly.
Water early in the morning or late in the afternoon to reduce evaporation.
Apply during the coolest part of the day.

Feeding Guide

Most plants -Mix 4 level spoons per 9 litres shrubs & lawn -Use every 7 to 14 days
Young plants -Mix 1 level spoon per 9 litres & seedlings -Use every watering
Fruit & vegetables-Mix 4 levelspoonsper 9 litres -Use every 7 days

Available In: 
500 G & 1 K